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Here is a professional foundation in which our children will feel the pleasure of learning, excite of search, sense of wonder, creativity, the rights of being themselves and thinking different, and the self-confidences. With the concepts that we have created according to the ages, we have determined “addressing to the emotions” as a road map.

Children within these months generally call attention to the colors, not to the objects around them. Even though they don’t know the colors or the concept of colors, they can distinguish them and attribute a meaning to them. In their first sight, the most attractive colors for children have been determined as red and blue. So, we have aimed to attract children’s attention and help them learn more easily by using the colors of a rainbow as the main theme here.

When you pay some attention to the children, you can see that they try to imitate the sounds of animals when they learn to make some sounds. When they begin to draw pictures, some details of animals and humans can be seen clearly. Children within these months find them lovely and attractive.

Any child considers him/herself as a character of a tale, or they identify themselves with these characters. This concept have been created by thinking that it will be effective to develop the imaginations of the children within these months. By using well-known characters from tales, it is aimed to improve sticking in minds.

By means of the nourishment of children, this concept have been considered appropriate to raise awareness in children. By presenting fruits, vegetables and water products, it is aimed to make children associate with vitamins. In the design of wall, it is aimed to improve familiarness of children by using some of the vitamins.

In the concept of countries, it is aimed to give information about the continents to the children in these ages. By using different colors in the continents, it have been made easy to distinguish. Every continents has its own button. And in order to make it easy to learn, when they push whichever button, the light of this continent will turn on, so it will be easy to stick in mind about them. By using such images that associate the countries, it is aimed to make children learn more easily.

As a result of children’s social and emotional developments, they begin to notice the changes in the outside. To get some information about the planets, the age of 3 is determined as the most suitable. The planets within the design of classroom are used by considering that they will arouse curiosity in children. In the concept of planets, there have been used some factors that will provide to imagine about the space.

A child must learn to show respect to the other’s rights, and to protect the results of his/her own behaviors. Social sensibility or consciousness enables taking responsibility about establishing relationship with the world we live in. A person must aim to move and find a solution with a consciousness towards the changing events. Becoming skillful at behaving according to the society consciousness is a long and demanding process. With the concept that we have created, we wanted to indicate the process of consumed energies and production of energies. So, it is aimed to talk about our responsibility towards the nature.