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Toddlers (18 – 36 Months)


The Relationship between Caregiver and Child

Toddlers and their parents are greeted warmly by name by that child’s teachers when they arrive. Teachers help to create smooth transitions by being available to the toddler who needs help with separating from parents and assisting each toddler in settling into the group by showing what has been set up and interacting with the child as needed. Our teachers spend most of the day in one-on-one interactions with toddlers. The tone of the interactions is warm and caring; teachers use pleasant, calm voices as well as simple language and nonverbal cues.


Toddlers are surrounding by sensory objects for their play activities. To a reasonable extent, they also can enjoy sensory play during routines. Teachers organize the space into interest or activity areas, including areas for concentrated small-group play, solitary play, dramatic play, and construction. The environment contains private spaces, with room for one or two children. The spaces are situated to be easily supervised by adults.

Exploration and Play

Our teachers do everything they can to support toddlers’ play so that children stay interested in an object or activity for increasing periods of time. Toddlers are given appropriate non-toxic art materials. Teachers allow toddlers to explore and manipulate art materials and do not expect them to produce a finished art product. Also, our teachers space individual items so toddlers can make deliberate choices.


The West Katy Preschool teachers adapt schedules and activities to meet individual children’s needs within the group setting. Time schedules are flexible and smooth, dictated more by children’s needs than by adults.


Our teachers recognize that routine tasks of living, such as eating, toileting, and dressing, are important opportunities to help children learn about their world, acquire skills, and regulate their own behavior.

Relationships with Families

Our teachers always listen carefully to what parents say about their child; seek to understand parents’ goals, priorities, and preferences; and show respect for cultural and family differences. They solicit and incorporate parents’ knowledge in making decisions about how best to support the toddler’s development or to handle problems or differences of opinion as they arise.


Teachers follow health and safety procedures, including proper hand washing methods and universal precautions to limit the spread of infectious diseases. The West Katy Preschool makes every effort to hire teachers who have training in child development/early education specific to the toddler age group.